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About us

Dear Sir/Madame,

Our company P.H.U. “EKOTOM” was established in 2005 and now is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer goods of wool in Poland. We offer a wide range of high quality  products from natural sheep wool and luxury linens.

We sell our products to many countries in Europe and the CIS, as well as work closely with other manufacturers in order to offer you a wide range of products.

Our main trend is the production of carpet-slippers, blankets, quilts and pillows, vests and also we produce a wide range of warming goods for medical usage.

For production we use fabrics made of  a mixture of European wools in the amount of 100% wool in the wear layer on the backing of polyester yarn. All the supplements we use in our products come from EU countries.

We guarantee high quality products, timely delivery, very high level of service and competitive prices.

Certyfikat uczciwości EKOTOM

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